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When I first opened Serenity Now Spa in Guthrie Oklahoma, all I knew was that deep down everyone wants a place where they can just relax and let people help them look and feel great. A warm, friendly place where people know you by name and you can just unwind. My spa and my team want to help you feel better, brighter, and more beautiful than you ever have been before. At Serenity Now, you will discover a peaceful, friendly, relaxed environment where you can kick back and enjoy the very best life has to offer. We offer latest and greatest in Massage treatments, Body scrubs and wraps, Haircuts and styles, Nail care and Spray Tanning. Our goal is make you glow from head to toe and take all your worries away.

Serenity Now Spa is proud to promote top quality salon products that make you look and feel great. What really makes us special is the way we treat our guests and hopefully you feel that when you arrive. Good products and proven treatments are essential but we know it takes a special professional touch to bring out your full true beauty. That is our goal because it take the right combination to really enhance your life. When you feel good about yourself and the way you look everything is better. So as you spend your time with us, please let us know if we can do anything to make you time with us better.

Locals  in the area will tell you that our services will leave your whole body in the kind of ideal condition that you’ve only dreamed of and our Spa has a special treatments to address any little issue that you may have. We want nothing more than to welcome you to experience true relaxation with us at Serenity Now Spa. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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Nicole Piersol- Founder

Serenity Now Spa

2230 South Division Street

Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044

 (405) 471-2331

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Our hours are Monday through Saturday by appointment. Please respect our time as we respect yours. Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule; otherwise a 50% charge will be added with next service.

Please meet the team:

Massage Therapy

Giovanna Colone (405) 513-1909 MT
Becky Anderson (405) 664-9567 MT
Christi Cox (405) 306-8436 MT
Amanda Kriz (405) 659-4654

Skin Care, Laser & Skin Tightening 

Nicole L Piersol (405) 973-8106

Hair & Nails

Joey Perez (405) 223-6564
Shanna Shoulders (405) 328-0041
Jessica Beavers (405) 226-3549

RN Injections & Dermal Filler

Kalyn Nowicki (248) 935-9607

Permanent Make Up Artist

Jean Clayton (405) 830-8121