This month’s specials

July Specials:

July’s summer heat is happening!

It’s time to start taking care go you!!

We have 2 locations:

Serenity Now Spa 2230 S. Division Street


Serenity Now Wellness Spa- 209 East Harrison Ave, Guthrie (upstairs)

Our Main Spa Summer Lobby hours are Wednesday to Fridays 9-5pm. We are open 7 days a week at both locations for all scheduled appointments.

Please directly call or text your therapist or Nicole 405-973-8106 if you need assistance outside of these hours.

Remember our online booking is easy.

On our website or download the Schedulicity App to your phone and have your schedule at your fingertips.

Fitness Classes: Have you tried a class yet?

You have to make the time- You will never just have time….What are you waiting for?

Class Schedule:

Power Yoga with Gio Colone- Tuesdays at 9:15am

7pm Yoga Tuesday Nights (varied instructor class)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Keri Layton- Thursdays at 9:15am & 10:30am.

We also have Gentle & Beginners Yoga with Debbie James– Saturdays 8:30 and 10am.

Not ready for a group class? Need a private Session? Talk to any of our trainers to set up a class.

Gio Colone 405-513-1909

Debbie James 405-641-9634

Keri Layton 918-428-6522

Personal Training? Sandee White is with us FULL TIME!

She has session available Monday- Friday.

Call her 405-250-9674 or book online.

First Private session (50mins) in July is $30

$40 private session, 2 people session $60, 3 people session $75.

She will write a Custom Work-out just for you to fit your needs.

July Specials:

Get your feet ready to go! Summer Spa Pedicure $45 with Valerie. Mention Summer Pedicure Special or book this appt online.

Joey has Started doing Lymphatic Drainage Massage 45mins- $75. This July 20% OFF. You can add 30mins to any 60/90min Massage for $40.

Seirra is doing PNF Stretching sessions 30/45/60mins for $55/$70/$90. This is new to the Menu.

Have you heard: Nicole Piersol & Becky Anderson/Moroney are Celebrating 21 Years of being Massage Therapists!!

We have been so privileged to take care of so many hurt bodies over these years. We want to thank you all for you support in helping us learn and making us into such great massage therapist. We have been doing a lot of massage therapy continuing education and want to share our skills with as many as possible, but for us to do this, it’s so important that we treat the complete body as a whole. We are switching up what we do starting in August. We are adding Master Massage Therapy session to our menu. We will be able to do what your body needs in 90-120 mins of work for a flat $150. Sometimes it takes a little longer and we don’t want to miss anything that needs attention. So why not let us spend as long as needed for you. Please talk to your therapist about these changes. We are so excited to incorporate this new style of work at the spa!

Due to raising cost of supplies at the spa, we will be increasing some spa prices August 1st, 2022. We are so sorry but with rising product and shipping cost we have to do this.

Have a great Summer!

Nicole Piersol, Owner