Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM

Nail care is an important part of healthy hands and feet. Taking care of your nails can help prevent nail problems such as fungal infections and ingrown nails before they occur and maintain their overall appearance.

Nail Technicians:

Valerie Marchant (405) 740-3947

Shanna Shoulders (405) 328-0041

Basic Manicure (trim, cuticles, scrub, polish)$30
Spa Manicure (Basic + massage, mask with hot towels)$40
Ultimate Manicure (Spa + paraffin & extended massage)$50
Gel Manicure (Basic + gel polish – lasts 2 weeks or more)$45
Dipped Manicure$45
Full Set- Acrylic, Dip, Silk or Gel $45
Fill- Silks or Acrylic$30
Buff & Polish (trim, cuticles, polish)$25
Basic Pedicure (soak, trim, cuticles, scrub, polish)$45
Dry Pedicure (For those with health concerns, no water foot soak. We use warm towels.)$45
Spa Pedicure (Basic + massage & mask with hot towels)$55
Ultimate Pedicure (Spa + paraffin & extended massage)$60
Gel Pedicure (Basic + gel polish – lasts 2 weeks or more)$55
Children’s Manicure & Pedicure (12 and under)$25
Paraffin/ EcoFin$10
Baby Foot Treatment$35
Gel Polish$15
Acrylic Soak Off$20