Massage Therapy

Massage can be used for relaxation or for specific health issues. It is a complementary alternative to medical treatment. Benefits include reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Talk to one of our Licensed Master Therapists about your specific needs. 

Licensed Massage Therapists

Giovanna Colone (405) 513-1909

Joey Perez (405) 223-6564

Seirra Main (405) 315-9540

Becky Moroney (405) 664-9567

Nicole Piersol (405) 973-8106

Ashiatsu (BareFoot) Massagemins 60/90$100/$130
Therapeutic Massagemins 45/60/75/90$75/$90/$105/$120
Pregnancy Massagemins 60/90$95/$125
Raindrop Therapymins 60/90$125/$155
Couples Massage mins 60/90$250/$295
Cupping Massagemins 60$95
Facial or Body Stone Contouring Massagemins 60$55/$90
Cupping Upgrade$20
Aromatherapy Scalp Massagemins 15$30
Sinus Drainage Massage mins 15$35
Ear Candling$25
Reflexologymins 30$55
Foot Detoxmins 60$75
FHF Herbal Press Upgrade

*Travel Fee