Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM

Any occasion- Party at OUR spa!

Bachelorette Party, Bridal Party, Just a Girl’s Day Out, Birthday’s and more. Have us design your next special occasion at Serenity Now Spa. Enjoy any and all services. Just let us know the date, times and what services you would like. We’ll do the rest! You can bring in food, drinks, and decor and spend the day with us. We also have some great caterers to choose from.

No minimum service required.

Set up fee $10 per person.

Refundable deposit $150 required upon booking.

Make Up Party!

Interested in our make up line? Want a new look? Invite your friends and family to enjoy an afternoon or evening of make up fun. All items will be available for purchase the day of the party or for ordering.

$20 per person.

Make-Up Designory for your beautiful look.


Come to the spa for all your wedding day needs. We provide a calm environment to prepare hair, make up, and nails for your big day. We have an experienced makeup artists and hair stylists to make your day even better!

No minimum service required.

Setup fee $25 per person.